Office consultation for new patients

We define as “new patients” whoever has NOT already seen Dr. Bolognese in the past.

Enrollment in the Center
Prospective new patients will go through a selection process, which is conditional to their enrollment in the Center.
Once the selection process is completed, and if you fit the criteria for our Center, we will then get back to you to coordinate the date and time for your appointment. If your case does not fit the criteria for our Center, you will be notified that for that reason an appointment will not be scheduled.

Prior to your Appointment
Please take the following steps.

• Download and fill out the New Patient Form (please return in word document -do not convert to pdf)
• Download and fill out the Patient Intake Form (please provide a copy of the insurance card - both sides)
• Download and fill out the Terms and Agreements Form
• Download and fill out the Privacy Statement Form
• Download and fill out the Assignment of Payment of Insurance Benefits and Authorization for Release of Information
• Download and complete Patient Consent Form
• Download and fill out the Release Form
• Please fill out the forms electronically and email them to Irene at
• Please mail CD-ROM’s of your relevant neuroimaging (MRI’s, etc.) and reports to the address listed below.

The Center’s address is the following:

Paolo Bolognese, M.D.
Chiari Neurosurgical Center at NSPC
Suite 108
1991 Marcus Avenue
Lake Success, NY 11042

In the near future, the transmission of clinical information will take place via a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based software platform. We will make an announcement on this website when this future development will become available.

The fees are the same for patients with accepted insurance and for those making cash payments.